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Mickela Mallozzi Dances Around The Globe For Joy, Love and Connection

August 04, 2023 Mickela Mallozzi
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Mickela Mallozzi Dances Around The Globe For Joy, Love and Connection
Show Notes

Professional dancer and trained musician Mickela Mallozzi is the award-winning host and producer of Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, a dance travel series covering her adventures as she experiences the world, one dance at a time. 

Mickela is magical and joyful and so passionate about the people of the world you just want to be with her and dance!

From re-discovering her family’s roots in Southern Italy to dancing tango in Buenos Aires, the series has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, O Magazine  Dance Magazine, Forbes, and more.

Mickela said, “I started this show simply to travel and learn as many dances as I could from around the world. What I didn’t expect to happen was the personal connections made by the show. We get some really heartfelt messages that are amazing … people who say they have become inspired to get a passport and travel or take up a dance class."

Mickela shares information about the upcoming Season 6 of Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi  and the featured communities in New York City including Latinx, Garifuna, Little Sri Lanka, Arab, Little Caribbean and more. 

Also, find out how Mickela connects with people and cultures through the universal language of dance and music and how cultural sustainability enriches travel experiences for both travelers and the environment.

Get energized by listening to this episode of Speaking of Travel and discover how you can easily practice cultural sustainability wherever you travel. And dance!

Stay tuned!

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